About us

The exclusive collection of elite Chinese tea under the trademark of “Song He Crane and Pine” has existed on the market since 1996. We are one of the few companies on the Moscow market delivering authentic and fresh elite Chinese tea onto Moscow retail market directly from China. Our tea is grown, picked processed using specific technologies, and packaged directly in China.

The selection process for sorts and gradations within each sort requires great experience. Distinguishing actually fresh elite tea from tea of regular medium quality is possible only after having worked with China and tea in particular for many years. We are constantly studying the tea culture of China on our journeys to the places of tea origin, and via keeping abreast with Chinese scientific tea literature published exclusively for use inside China.

For many years, export of authentic elite sorts of Chinese tea has been strictly controlled by the Chinese state. Not every supplier can provide guarantees to confirm product quality and its origin. Therefore, majority of the tea imported to Russia, especially the tea sold at dumping prices, is, unfortunately, neither authentic nor high-quality.

Our team selection includes only the rarest sorts of green, white, oolong, red, black and scented tea. Uniqueness of the product we offer and its authenticity is corroborated and guaranteed by the trademark of “Crane and Pine”.

For the true connoisseur and gourmet we offer the teas of the Grand Crew selection grown in the areas of the optimal natural conditions, picked and processed using thorough, reliable century-old family technologies. Produced in limited quantities, they are the true jewel of Chinese “tea reserve”.

If you would like to learn the details or are seeking to learn correct steeping techniques, to order a specific sort of tea or artwork directly from China, or you are interested in our Grand Crew selection, you are welcome to join our Program for Individual Clients. To join, please, send us an e-mail from the Contacts section of our website, and we will get in touch with you with more information.

We sincerely hope that you will be able to share our reverent, lasting and passionate love for tea, not just tea as a drink possessing delightful flavor and healthy qualities, but tea as poetry, bringing on inimitable images, strengthening the mind, enriching the soul and penetrating the very depths of human consciousness.



Song He Crane and Pine Team