Elite Chinese teas are the highest grade varieties picked during a particular season, at a particular time of day and comprised only of the choice raw leaves – as a rule, the top bud and one or two leaves. They are produced manually following ancient authentic family technologies passed on from generation to generation within Chinese family clans. It is simply impossible to replicate these secret techniques.

The taste and the aroma of any elite tea are truly exceptional; they are hidden within the essence of the leaves and last for a wonderfully long time. Each type possesses its own brilliant, inimitable, and unique soul. Chinese tea of the highest grades, just like elite wine, is capable of arousing imagination, penetrating into the deepest layers of consciousness, stimulating creative activity and filling the body with the juices of life.

If one is lucky to find true elite Chinese tea he should know that this drink is extremely beneficial for your health. By taking a cup of such tea a day one can get a daily intake of all vitamins and minerals that the body needs.

Export of authentic elite types of Chinese tea, unlike regular and low grades, has been strictly controlled by the Chinese government and very limited for many years. Prices for really fresh teas traditionally remain high even on domestic market and keep rising every year. It is said especially regarding teas, which (to use the professional wine community slang) can be treated as the Grand Cru. These teas come from small areas of the most optimal natural conditions of every plantation, picked and processed according to certain special rules. Such tea is a priceless treasure of the Chinese “tea resources”.

Moreover, elite Chinese tea should be packaged directly at the place of picking. Only the Chinese, being involved in the processes of picking, processing and storing tea for centuries, know how to perform packaging with the minimal risk of decreasing the product quality. According to numerous researches, this condition is essential and breaking it can damage the most capricious and demanding tea quality and cause it to significantly lose its health benefits and taste when contacts with moisture and air.

Do not deny yourself a pleasure. Truly elite and correctly brewed tea can turn tea drinking into a wonderful and fine process of contemplation, solitude and serenity.