Сhinese tea classification

Сhinese tea classification

Chineese tea classification

 A great amount of elite sorts of tea comes from China, all of them are produced by experienced tea masters using fine complex technologies.

The truly Chinese tea classification is extremely complicated. For Chinese tea professionals and connoisseurs, there exists a concept of a sort and its gradations. Plus, in China tea differs in processing methods, in shape of a tea leaf, in area of production, and shape of rolling. The sort also depends on how exactly the processing methods have been applied and how precisely the technology has been followed.

For Europeans the Chinese have come up with a simplified classification according to the method of processing (the degree of fermentation) – a biochemical process occurring in the cells of a tea leaf upon the nutrients it contains (its juice) interacting with oxygen, which triggers complex chemical reactions, which, in turn, determine the sort, the aroma, the flavor and the color of the infusion.

According to this classification, teas are classified into green, white, yellow, oolong (turquoise), red, black and scented (flower) teas.





  green with yellow ulun red black