Collection of Elite Chinese Teas
"Song He Crane and Pine"


In the far off land surrounded by impregnable mountains, ribboned by crystal springs, dressed in striking vegetation, populated by amazing animals and mysterious birds, enveloped by the mist of wisdom of old and knowledge to which only the chosen are privy, lies a magical country called China. China has managed to preserve the age-old traditions, history, religion, and wisdom of its ancestors, and carry them throughout the centuries into our days.

In the very heart of this country a wonderful culture of Chinese tea secretly blossoms, hidden heretofore from the uninitiated. This is a culture which with its exclusiveness, sophistication and depth may rival the widely known and out-in-the-open wine culture. Concealed from strangers, it is not seeking the limelight. One will find very few ancient Chinese tea manuscripts or contemporary scientific tea literature translated into foreign languages. Only a very determined researcher may be capable of penetrating the mystery of the Chinese tea culture, gradually and painstakingly proceeding on this thorny path through careful translation of original Chinese texts and close personal observation.

It may appear as nothing special to the eye of an unsophisticated first-time visitor to China. However the tea we often see abundant in the Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong stores is generally intended for the external market and is nothing like the true Chinese tea. In order to find a gem, one will need to invest into the search a significant amount of patience, experience, knowledge, and time.

The Chinese tea culture was born at the dawn of our civilization (according to some sources, as far back as 4,000 years ago). Refined throughout the centuries and still manual these days, the tea growing and processing technology is carried to perfection.

Chinese tea is not just a natural source of health and longevity. It is a religion, a sacred divine ritual. It is a path to spiritual enlightenment, purification and unification with the macrocosms. The tea comforts one’s spirit, purifies their thoughts, clarifies their eyes, nourishes life, and is capable of calling up images. It is no coincidence then that since the old days it has been used by Buddhist and Taoist monks in their spiritual rituals being one of the means of attaining the state of meditation.

The world of tea is vast. It is often surprising in its metamorphoses. We sincerely hope that that our knowledge and expertise will help you advance on this fascinating path full of exciting discoveries – the path of the Chinese tea culture.