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NEW SORT: Wu Yi Shun Xian – cliff oolong tea from the Wuyi Mountains


Mount Wuyi area, located in northeastern Fujian province, is commonly known as “the tea tree kingdom”. This region has an ideal tea-growing climate with common rainfalls and snowfalls, mild winters and cool summers. Wy Yi Shun Xian is one of the common favorites among local tea lovers due to its numeral outstanding benefits. This variety was originally cultivated in Guangdong province and has altered a lot after being moved from south to north. Fertile ground of the Wuyi Mountains gave it the unique flavor. Shun Xian is a tea shrouded in mystery. Its name is a reference to the narcissus flower for wonderful floral aroma with endless delightful notes.

Da Hong Pao of the highest grades


Several types of Da Hong Pao tea cultivated and produced by the respected family tea farms from the Wuyi mountains.

In ancient times, cliff tea from the Wuyi Mountains was the most appropriate gift for the Emperor. During the Yuan dynasty tea for the royal palace was delivered from the special garden located at one of the branches of Jiuquxi river. Ming era can be called “the golden age” of Wuyi teas as that was the time when they gained extreme popularity even outside the country for the ability to create a special mysterious atmosphere, to bring deep wisdom and knowledge, which seems to be heaven sent. Cliff tea Wu Yi Yan Cha, the first introduced to Europe sort, quickly became the essential part of any noble banquet.

Da Hog Pao is probably the most prized tea from this family, deserving its second name “the cliff tea emperor”. Its beautiful infusion is amber-colored with slight golden shades. Da Hong Pao is notable for a deep rich flavor representing northern asperity, with long aftertaste of fresh fruits and flowers.



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We are proud to introduce you one of our latest black tea arrivals.

Name of the variety: Da Xue Shan Ye Sheng Hong Cha.

Origin: Yunnan province, China.

The Daxue Mountains region was declared to be one of the most important tea growing areas in Yunnan province as long ago as in the Han dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD). Ancient 700-year-old trees with purple leaves grow there at the attitude of 2000 m above sea level. Small number of wild plants, strict rules for picking and laborious processing limit production capacity of this sort so “purple tea from the Daxue Mountains” is highly valued and considered to be as a true rarity. Back in ancient times, this tea had been an imperial tribute sort for many years, and nowadays it can be a nice treat for the respected guests.



Lao Tze “TaoDeChing “

37. Tranquillity

The Way takes no action, but leaves nothing undone.
When you accept this
The world will flourish,
In harmony with nature.

Nature does not possess desire;
Without desire, the heart becomes quiet;
In this manner the whole world is made tranquil.