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Yi Wu Chun Jian Yunnan Province

Yi Wu Chun Jian comes into this world on Mount Yi Wu in Yunnan Province, in exceptionally favorable natural conditions and is a great example of so called Chinese family teas (teas cultivated and produced within a single family). Raw material for this tea includes precious young flushes picked from tea trees very early in spring. Strict rules of picking and a very labor-intensive technology of processing put a natural limit on quantities of production; therefore, very highly regarded, Yi Wu Chun Jian is considered a real rarity in the tea world. The surface of the robust, rather large pointed leaves is generously covered with golden and dark-green hairs. The tea yields a clear deep yellow-green infusion with an aroma of a tropical forest after the rain, through which one can sense faint notes of fruit and wood. The tea’s refined slightly astringent taste is followed by a slightly sweet aftertaste.
iu chun tsan


Lao Tze “TaoDeChing “

32. Shapes

The Way has no true shape,
And therefore none can control it.
If a ruler could control the Way
All things would follow
In harmony with his desire,
And sweet rain would fall,
Effortlessly slaking every thirst.

The Way is shaped by use,
But then the shape is lost.
Do not hold fast to shapes
But let sensation flow into the world
As a river courses down to the sea.


Lao Tze “TaoDeChing “

33. Virtues

Who understands the world is learned;
Who understands the self is enlightened.
Who conquers the world has strength;
Who conquers the self has harmony.
Who is determined has purpose;
Who is contented has wealth.
Who defends his home may long endure;
Who surrenders his home may long survive it.

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