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Lao Tze “TaoDeChing “

28. Becoming

Using the male, being female,
Being the entrance of the world,
You embrace harmony
And become as a newborn.

Using strength, being weak,
Being the root of the world,
You complete harmony
And become as unshaped wood.

Using the light, being dark,
Being the world,
You perfect harmony
And return to the Way.


Lao Tze “TaoDeChing “

29. Ambition

Those who wish to change the world
According with their desire
Cannot succeed.

The world is shaped by the Way;
It cannot be shaped by the self.
Trying to change it, you damage it;
Trying to possess it, you lose it.

So some will lead, while others follow.
Some will be warm, others cold
Some will be strong, others weak.
Some will get where they are going
While others fall by the side of the road.

So the sage will be neither wasteful nor violent.


Lao Tze “TaoDeChing “

30. Violence

Powerful men are well advised not to use violence,
For violence has a habit of returning;
Thorns and weeds grow wherever an army goes,
And lean years follow a great war.

A general is well advised
To achieve nothing more than his orders:
Not to take advantage of his victory.
Nor to glory, boast or pride himself;
To do what is dictated by necessity,
But not by choice.

For even the strongest force will weaken with time,
And then its violence will return, and kill it.

10-year old Pu'er with Huang Shan Chrysanthemum Blossoms

Da Ye Pu Er Tea Huang Shan Gong Ju is a fine combination of traditional 10-year old Pu-erh and blossoms of chrysanthemum. Pu-erh is grown in Yunnan Province, where the history of tea cultivation and production counts many centuries. The chrysanthemum of Huang Shan Gong Ju, the national treasure of China, grows on the slopes of picturesque Mount Huan Shan. During brewing the tea opens into a pure dark red-brown infusion, delicately complemented by the light of chrysanthemum flowers. The tea features a sustained aged aroma with a complex bouquet of fragrant florals. Ripe, mild taste with dainty slightly sweet tinges of chrysanthemum ends in a lasting aftertaste.




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