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Lao Tze “TaoDeChing “

23. Words

Nature says only a few words:
High wind does not last long,
Nor does heavy rain.
If nature's words do not last
Why should those of man?

Who accepts harmony, becomes harmonious.
Who accepts loss, becomes lost.
For who accepts harmony, the Way harmonizes with him,
And who accepts loss, the Way cannot find.

Three virtues of tea in Buddhism

Since the times of the Tang Dynasty almost each monastery in the South of China has its own tea garden. Many well known teas have their roots exactly in these holy places. There is a saying in China: «On glorified mountains there are well known monasteries, in the well known monasteries great mentors are being born and the great mentors grow legendary teas».

Followers of Buddhism especially value tea, as they believe that this drink has «three virtues».

The first virtue is an ability of tea to lift the spirit: tea helps monks to stay away in the night, not to fall asleep when they meditate, it facilitates calming down and focusing of consciousness.

The second virtue is that tea boosts metabolism. Monks are in the state of contemplation all days long and all the time they remain sited. Tea effectively helps to enhance the work of digestive organs.

Tea also posses the third virtue, because it helps a person to keep the Principle of Nondisclosure (bu fa), it means it helps to hold back the inner nature, to control the desire, to get rid of obscene thoughts. When Buddhist monks are in the pose of contemplation, practicing training self-perfection with the help of meditation, they are followed by a rhythm of monotony, solitude and speechless silence. Besides they can't even join an evening meal: deep in the night immersed in the state of contemplation they need to calm their heart down, focus their consciousness and stay awake, not noticing their tiredness. In such situation ministers of monasteries have nothing to do but keep themselves up with the help of tea. That is why many Buddhist mentors have a true passion to tea and due to tea they reach longevity.


Lao Tze “TaoDeChing “

25. Beneath Abstraction

There is a mystery,
Beneath abstraction, 
Silent, depthless,
Alone, unchanging,
Ubiquitous and liquid,
The mother of nature.
It has no name, but I call it "the Way";
It has no limit, but I call it "limitless".

Being limitless, it flows away forever;
Flowing away forever, it returns to my self:

The Way is limitless, 
So nature is limitless,
So the world is limitless,
And so I am limitless.

For I am abstracted from the world,
The world from nature,
Nature from the Way,
And the Way from what is beneath abstraction.

NEW: Pu Erh, aged 5 years, with Yunnan rose

Mei Gui Pu Erh Tuo Cha Tea is a gentle combination of the traditional 5-year old Pu Erh with tender rose petals that decorate and highlight the refined flavor of the elite Pu Erh tea. It consists of regular little cups-semisphere. There are purple rose petals on their smooth surface with a tinge of  deep mahogany. A saturated red-broun infusion combines a deep seasoned aroma bringing a refreshing sweetish rose buds perfume with a dainty taste characterized by extreme freshness and a bit rough bitterness that turns into a mellow aftertaste. 5-year old Pu Erh tea with Yunnanrose called the tea of beauty and everlasting youth promotes metabolism and weight reduction, controls digestion, lowers the level of blood cholesterol, has a healthy effect on  skin and hair condition.