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Lao Tze TaoDeChing

21. Accept

Harmony is only in following the Way.

The Way is without form or quality,
But expresses all forms and qualities;
The Way is hidden and implicate,
But expresses all of nature;
The Way is unchanging,
But expresses all motion.

Beneath sensation and memory
The Way is the source of all the world.
How can I understand the source of the world?
By accepting.

NEW: An Ji Bai Cha. Spring 2012


Tea Snow Buds from An Ji province is the gem of Zhejiang province and enjoys a distinct popularity not only in China but also in the rest of the world. Tea plantations cover the north slope of Tianmushan mountain range of Zhejiang Province. Pointed peaks, wrapped in a mantle of clouds and mists, rise here; slopes of mountain bulks, decorated with twisted shadows of bamboo and trees, run swiftly down. The abundance of atmospheric precipitation and fertile soil create the optimal atmosphere for the birth of the divine tea.

The flush  – an unfolded bud or a bud with a single just opening leaf – is manufactured with peculiar care with a complicated manual technology that includes several consequent stages. Tealeaves of emerald tints with delicate pointed edges that look like sparrow tongues turn by brewing into a transparent gentle, light-green infusion with a refined steady aroma and a fresh clear sweetish flavour.


an tsi bai cha


Lao Tze TaoDeChing

22. Home

Accept and you become whole,
Bend and you straighten,
Empty and you fill,
Decay and you renew,
Want and you acquire,
Fulfill and you become confused.

The sage accepts the world
As the world accepts the Way;
He does not display himself, so is clearly seen,
Does not justify himself, so is recognized,
Does not boast, so is credited,
Does not pride himself, so endures,
Does not contend, so none contend against him.

The ancients said, "Accept and you become whole",
Once whole, the world is as your home.

New arrivals: red tea

The Qi Men Mao Feng tea, known outside China as Keemun, is one of the most valuable sorts of traditional Chinese red tea. Its history goes back a hundred years. Favorable natural conditions in which it grows and careful processing, guarantee very high quality of the tea. During processing young buds and fleshy leaves undergo withering, hand-rolling, fermentation and slow drying at a specified temperature. Qi Men Mao Feng is often referred to as the Emperor’s Drink, the Greatest of the Wonderful Selection. It is recognized all around the world for its exclusiveness: svelte elegance of its tightly curled pointed leaves, steely gloss of its dark surface and its succulent bright-red infusion. The drink combines a pure rich taste, a gorgeous lasting aftertaste, and a deep fragrance reminiscent of honey.