Fetch my own spring water,

Fragrant with fallen flowers,

Set a fire in a marble stove

I try out my new tea,

Lying under the green shades in a tranquil garden

Listening to the humming bees

Reporting their latest harvest.





 We love to sit in this mountain

Among the white clouds

Lit a bon fire by a wild fountain

Drinking tea so fragrant.

Unwilling to leave

Tied our boat beneath the cliff,

Watch the crystal clear water

Listen to flowing brook murmur,

Till dust...



Passing a Mountain Hamlet in Late Spring Perchance


In this mountain hamlet

Of handful houses watered by a streamlet

Damsels were merrily picking tea fresh

From the east to the west!

Strolling on a stone lane,

Wondering why I left foot prints light and faint.

Not knowing all over the sky,

Pine flowers were flying high.



Anchor My Boat on Wu River


Sailing all my life on lake and sea,

Why not set my house on anchor,

At a scenic spot,

Bucket up water under the Song-JiangBridge

Enjoy a cup of new tea

On Dangled Rainbow Arbour.