Legend about rock tea from the Wuyi Mountains or a wonderful gift of the Lord of the Wuyi Mountains


... Long time ago in the Wuyi Mountains on the bank of the river Jiuqu (Nine curves) there lived a woodcutter. He knew perfectly all healing herbs, which grew in the mountains, and he always carried a calabash with different potions. The woodcutter healed people from severe diseases, that is why people from the village called him Yi Banxian – a demigod from the Wuyi Mountains.


Once when there was a severe heat an epidemic started to spread in the Wuyi Mountains. Merciless disease was taking everyone from young till old, everywhere there were loud moans. Banxian hung his calabash on his back and took in hand a basket with officinal remedies. He was walking in all surrounding villages, prepared potions and healed common people. The woodcutter had so many things to do that he was simply exhausted from all those cares and bustles.


When he ran out of the remedies, Banxian took with him a wattled bamboo basket and went to the mountains to get officinal herbs. On the way next to one of rocks there was a hut  with a straw roof. When he was passing by this poor hovel, the woodcutter suddenly heard a loud cry. Banxian understood that one more person got sick with the dangerous disease, he immediately entered the hut. On the bed there was a middle aged man, he was unconscious. It was a good friend of Banxian, his name was Y I.


When she noticed Bansjan, the wife of Y I immidiately felt to her knees and said: «It has been already tree days how Y I stays unconscious. All his body is burning with fever, even a towel wetted in spring water instantly dries out. I am begging you, save my husband!» Banxian approached the bed, stretched out his hand, touched his sick friend and instantly felt severe fever. He knew that it was impossible to heal this disease without bitter tea, which grew only on the mountainous precipices and peaks of steep rocks. It requited a lot of efforts to get such a rare plant. What should he do? If he climbed the steep rocks of the Wuyi Mountains, despite severe burning sun, he could probably find the healing potion.


It is more important to save life of one person than to build a seven-level pagoda after Buddha. Banxian calmed down the poor woman and went to a place Zhenzhun Shaanxi (Solid fetters of the highest mountains) to a mountains stream, hidden in a rocky cleft. The woodcutter wished he had wings to fly on the steep rock and find the officinal herb to save his close friend. He tightened up his belt, tied up his straw sandals, hung his basket for herbs on his back and started to climb the forbidding wall, grabbing flexible stems of wild lianas. Banxian was climbing up, slowly approaching the cherished peak. With a lot of efforts he got to the entrance of a cave, but suddenly a golden flash lightened before his eyes, and everything was covered with darkness. Banxian fell down to a mountainous stream.


Banxian remained unconscious till he felt a cooling breath of wind. He opened his eyes and saw how a holy divine came out of a grove. It was an old man with grey hair, white like crane's feathers and a face of a young boy. He lifted Banxian on to his back and asked him to close his eyes. The woodcutter felt how they were moving up. In a moment they reached the cave of the top of the rock. The magic old man put Banxian down, took from his belt a small calabash, took off its cap, poured into a bowl some strong infusion, which was like dew, and offered it to the woodcutter. When he made a sip, Bansjan instantly cheered up and felt how all his body filled with pleasant lightness. He immediately bowed to the divine old man to thank him for the rescue.


«Don't thank me. Time it precious! Take this potion and hurry up to save the life of your close person!» The holy divine brought some small plants which looked like bushes of bitter tea and said: «This is holy tea Miraculous jasper grass, it can heal a hundred diseases. I see that you have a kind heart, you practice medical treatment and bring good to people. I am the Master of the Wuyi Mountains, I will help you giving you this magic tea as a present. Hurry back home and relive people from diseases. But keep one tree, plant it and let it grow, give posterity and be useful for next generations». Saying the final words, the magic old man disappeared. Bansjan looked up and saw that on the wall of the rock it was written Jasper home of immortals. The woodcutter planted one tree next to the cave and happy started his way back.


Using the divine tea as a potion, Banxian healed all people in the village. He was cutting branches from the plant and planted them in the ground. Soon a magnificent garden appeared in these places, there were many tea plants with thick tops.


In the memory if the place where the first tea plant was planted, people carved on the wall of a mountainous rock two words Cha Dun – Tea cave.