A legend about tea Huang Jin Gui


Widely known oolong An Xi Huang Jin Gui is made from fresh leaves of a tea tree Huang Dan – Golden Dawn (or Huang Yan – Golden Hawthorn). There is an old legend about its origin. According to a legend in the period of ruling of a Qing Dynasty (1644-1911 ??.) in Loyan lived a peasant tea grower named Vey Chzhen. Once when he was walking he saw an unusual blossoming tea tree, which attracted attention of many passers by. The peasant took one branch from this tree and when he came home he planted it in a clay pot. After some time he grew more than 200 trees, he devoted all his heart and used all the skills he had. The tea grower took care of the plants, he himself plucked the first leaves and processed them, then he invited neighbours to taste the drink he got. Every one was astonished by an unusual fragrance: it seamed that the perfect aroma of the tea was spreading everywhere even beyond a closed cup. People were praising this tea, saying that it possessed «fragrance that transpires through devine heaven», and the tea tree itself due to visual features got a name Huang Jin – Golden Hawthorn.