Legend about Bai Mu Dan tea 

Bai Mu Dan is one of the most rare and unique sorts of white tea. It is produced only in China and only in several counties in the North of Fujian province. Bai Mu Dan tea has natural shape: snow white tips covered with silver fibres, surrounded with green leaves from both sides, that is why visually it reminds an elegant flower.

There is a legend about this tea. According to legend in the time of the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC – 8 CE) in mountainous forests the lived a man called Mao I together with his mother. Once when they were walking in the mountains they smelled some marvelous heady aroma. It turned out that this aroma came from eighteen pink peonies, which grew on the lotus lakeside. Mother and son decided to settle down in this peaceful place, which looked like heaven of immortal divine beings. Time passed and the old lady got severely ill. Mao I wore himself out in the search for a needed medication, but everything was in vain. Exhausted he felt asleep. In a dream a holy divinity came to him and said that his mother could be cured by potion of carp’s meat and young tea. When he woke up, Mao I was wondering where he could find fresh fish and tea in such time, it was deep winter outside. Still when he broke ice on the river the young man managed to catch a carp. But with tea it was a way more difficult. Here a miracle happened! When Mao I came to the lotus lakeside, he discovered that peony bushes turned into tea plants covered with thick green grown. Full of great happiness the young man collected tender tips and leaves, brewed in the tea infusion his carp. Mother drank this potion and her illness was gone. Mao I noticed that tealeaves of this magic drink looked like slightly expanded white peony flowers and called this Bai Mu Dan tea White Peony.