Legend about tea with litchi aroma

One ancient legend runs about origin of tea with litchi aroma. The legend says that a famous beautiful lady of past Yang Guifei loved litchis a lot. Every year in seventh and eighth moon month the Emperor sent a whole caravan of trade boats to distant Southern provinces, they brought exotic fruits to the Northern capital (historical tragedy of a famous Chinese play writer Bo Pu (1226-1312) is called «Yang Gufei is eating fragrant litchi fruits in the morning, the Thang governor is listening to the noise of rain in plane trees in the autumn night» (another name if this writing is «Rain in plane trees»)). With these ships the most expensive sorts of selected tea were also delivered to the Emperor's court. Once tradespeople dried such tea together with litchi fruits – the tea rich in soft fruit fragrance was highly appreciated by the court. That’s how tea with litchi aroma appeared.

In China litchi is a symbol of luck and fortune. When Su Dunpo a great tea expert and a connoisseur of tea art left his homeland in Meishan city, his friends planted a litchi tree hoping that their friend could taste litchi fruits when he comes back. Still Su had to face a lot of challenges, downgrading and exile. He had to spend the rest of his life in a foreign land and died in Changzhou, Jiangsu province. He hadn’t had a chance to try the litchi fruits from his hometown. In times of the Ming Dynasty, 500 years later after Su Dunpo’s life people planted one more litchi tree here in the memory of the great poet.