Porcelain : Service. Dehua County.

Service. Dehua County.

Service. Dehua County.

Service. Dehua County (Fujian Province)

Production of porcelain first began in DehuaCounty during Song Dynasty (960-1279). One of the most valuable kinds of white Dehua porcelain is so called jade porcelain. In spite of its density, the walls of items manufactured of jade porcelain let the light through very well. The glaze on Dehua porcelain is perfectly white while other kinds of porcelain may feature slight yellowish or greenish hues. For its specific color white Dehua porcelain is also called white goose down.

During Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) another kind of porcelain from DehuaCounty gained popularity: porcelain with blue underglaze. These objects were distinguished for their high artistic meaning: stories of history and scenes of domestic lives, people and animals, flowers, fruit, and even paintings of religious nature had been painted on their white glossy walls. The millennial history of Dehua porcelain has earned glory for this entire district. Dehua porcelain has gained multiple gold medals on Chinese and international exhibitions. Porcelain items of the district are important export wares of China. They are sold in over 80 countries of the world.

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