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Development of Taiwanese ceramics took place during the government of Ming (1388-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) Dynasties. A small township of Yingge on Taiwan is often called a «Taiwanese Jingdezhen». According to the legend, settlers from a Fujian city of Quanzhou were the first to begin producing ceramics in this area.

The most valuable are hand-painted porcelain utensils. One of the best kinds of such porcelain is china with 3-D underglaze designs. The designs appear to be filled with a lively, bright energy, just as on the amazing ink-painted guohua canvases. Since the design is three-dimensional, we see the picture put in perspective, in all three dimensions versus plane geometry, and are able to enjoy it without it tiring the eye.

Original tea sets, harmoniously combining new forms and traditional artistic shapes (paintings of blossoming plum, orchid flowers, bamboo shoots, autumn chrysanthemum, fluffy peony, fragrant litchi and tea tree) are a wonderful example of the inimitable Taiwanese style.

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