Porcelain : Tea ware. Longquan County

Tea ware. Longquan County

Tea ware. Longquan County

Tea ware Longquan County, Zhejiang Province


One of the most renowned traditional kinds of Chinese porcelain is green porcelain from LongquanCounty (ZhejiangProvince). The history of its origin is connected with the desire of potters of the Song Dynasty (960-1279) to find the kind of glaze the color of which would be reminiscent of jade, the green treasure and the sacred rock of China, which, according to a legend, is of divine origin. This kind of porcelain is manufactured using a special technology. Before firing a prepared white-clay or vermillion model gets coated with green glaze. The color of the glaze depends on the amount and quality of oxidized iron, and that is exactly the component which determines the color of the glaze. The most attractive kind is lettuce green or light green or china with a design of little cracks (the crackle design). Since it first appeared, green porcelain has been sold not only in China, but all over the world. In Europe Longquan porcelain was given the name “celadon” for the glaze’s green resembling the pale green of the bows on Celadon’s clothing (Celadon, the character of Honoré d'Urfé’s VII-century French pastoral romance L’Astrée(Astrea).

At the moment the range of objects manufactured in Longquan has been extended to include the most delicate of Chinese porcelain and glazed wares.

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