Black tea : 10-Year Old Bowl-Shaped Pu’er

10-Year Old Bowl-Shaped Pu’er

Sort of Tea - Chen Nian Pu Er Tuo Cha

Origin - Yunnan Province

10-Year Old Bowl-Shaped Pu’er
10-Year Old Bowl-Shaped Pu’er

Pu’er takes up a special place in the classification of Chinese teas. This tea is named for the trade city of Pu’er, or for Mount Pu’er Shan – the tea’s primary region of production. During processing the tea leaves undergo a special procedure of soaking in the conditions of heightened humidity and then get steam-pressed.  Pu Er Tuo Cha is shaped as hemispherical cups (cakes). Their surface is colored dark red-brown. The tea yields a clear rich dark reddish-brown infusion. The drink is deep, pure with a reasonable intensity of the aged aroma. The tea’s taste is ripe and mild. It is combined with tinges of sweet and a lasting aftertaste. With time, and when stored in proper conditions the Pu Er Tuo Cha’s quality only improves. The cost of the aged tea can be comparable to vintage wines. Pu Er possesses multiple medicinal qualities.


Sort of Tea: Pu Er Tuo Cha

Origin: Yunnan Province, China

Content according to the Chinese classification: elite black post-fermented compressed tea

Brewing method: pour 300 ml of boiling water over a pressed cup Pu’er. The tea can be brewed multiple times.

Net weight: 200 gram