Black tea : NEW: Imperial Purple Buds

NEW: Imperial Purple Buds

Sort of tea - Zi Ya Puerh

Origin - Yunnan Province, China

NEW: Imperial Purple Buds

Zi Ya Pu Erh tea is one of the most precious tea kinds from Yunnan province and ranks among the purple tea category. Purple bud tea trees of Zi Juan kind (Purple Delicacy) purposefully raised in plantations are a real rarity. Plantations lie in ecologically clean highland regions at the height of 1000-2000 m above sea level. Tea flushes are plucked in early springtime when buds and leaves of young shoots gain strength. Skillful masters process newly picked material using traditional manual technologies, precisely drying and smoking. Clear, transparent, honey-amber infusion has a gingery warm aroma with notes of tropical freshness and peculiar sweetness and a deep, rich, a bit rough long-lasting flavour that lefts a long aftertaste. The tea is exceptionally rich in antioxidants.

Sort of Tea: Zi Ya Pu Erh

OriginYunnan ProvinceChina

Content according to the Chinese classification: elite oolong tea

Brewing method: pour 300 ml of water at 95-100˚С over 3 grams of tea leaves (2 teaspoons). The tea can be brewed multiple times.

Nett weight: 100 gram