Blooming tea : Litchi Fruit Shaped Tea

Litchi Fruit Shaped Tea

Sort of Tea - Li Zhi Cha

Origin - Fujian Province

Litchi Fruit Shaped Tea
Litchi Fruit Shaped Tea

Records of blooming teas of Fujian Province can yet be encountered in the Qing Dynasty writings (1644-1911). Today, being one of the most characteristic examples of blooming teas, Li Zhi Cha has gained a wide renown all around the world. This tea resembles a whimsical tropical fruit of litchi – the favorite treat of the emperor’s concubines, or little colored silken thread balls embroidered by Chinese girls for their wedding day. To prepare this tea, flushes of the highest possible quality, faultless to the point of perfection, are selected. The tea is then slightly wilted spread over bamboo mats and then hand-tied and dried. Snow-white hairs are clearly visible on the smooth brownish-green surface of the dainty little balls. The tea yields a clear pale-green infusion with a delicate long-lasting aroma and a pleasant mild taste. The tea balls gracefully open-up in the sparkling liquor, looking like a beautiful chrysanthemum flower. Brewing is performed using the throw-over method (shang-tou-fa): first one pours hot water, and then puts in the tea and lets steep.


Sort of Tea: Li Zhi Cha

Origin: Fujian Province, China

Content according to the Chinese classification: elite blooming white tea

Brewing method: pour 300 ml of water at 70-80 degrees C into a pot, put in a ball of tea. The tea can be brewed twice.

Net weight: 200 gram