Blooming tea : Snake Eye

Snake Eye

 Sort of Tea - Li Zhi Jia Xin

Origin - Fujian Province, China


Snake Eye

Li Zhi Jia Xin, a rarity among Chinese Blooming Teas, is produced using choice buds, picked during the Qingmin season early spring (in the first half of April). This tea is produced using a unique manual processing technology. First, the tea flushes are fried, then tied and shaped into little balls, resembling by their shape the fruit of litchi. A chrysanthemum blossom is placed inside the balls. In the very end, the tea is dried using the heat method. Li Zhi Jia Xin is distinguished for its ethnic flavor. On the smooth surface of the slightly oblong balls resembling acorns one can distinctly see snow white little hairs. The tea yields a clear pale golden-green infusion, featuring a lush robust aroma and a pure rich taste. During brewing a ball of tea opens up, like a lotus flower and in the heart of it a dainty chrysanthemum appears. Brewing is performed using the throw over method (shang-tou-fa): first one pours hot water, and then puts in the tea and lets steep.


Sort of Tea: Li Zhi Jia Xin

Origin: Fujian Province, China

Content according to the Chinese classification: elite blooming white tea, chrysanthemum blossoms

Brewing method: pour 300 ml of water at 70-80 degrees C into a pot, put in a ball of tea. The tea can be brewed twice.

Net weight: 100 gram