Oolong tea : Great Master

Great Master

Sort of Tea - Tie Guan Yin Wang

Origin - Anxi District

Great Master
Great Master

The story of Tie Guan Yin Wang goes back to the first half of the XVIII century (ruling days of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911)). Of all Tie Guan Yin teas Great Master is considered to be of the highest quality. With its distinctive bouquet combining natural flowery and fruity notes and fine fragrance of a tea leaf, it is rather rare. One can discern traces of orchid flowers and osmanthus, a scent of a ripe juicy honey peach, cinnamon and gardenia in the tea’s complex flavor. A succulent range of colors is represented on the tea leaf’s glossy surface, various shades of sandy-green with specks of pure emerald. The pleasant ripe honey aftertaste of the golden-turquoise infusion is mild and refreshing. Even after seven brews this tea keeps its fragrance.


Sort of Tea: Tie Guan Yin Wang

Origin: Anxi District, Fujian Province, China

Content according to the Chinese classification: elite oolong tea

Brewing method: pour 300 ml of water at 95-100˚С over 3 grams of tea leaves (2 teaspoons). Multiple brews are possible.

Net weight: 125 gram