Jasmine green tea : Gates of Celestial Purity

Gates of Celestial Purity

Sort of Tea - Mo Li Mao Feng

Origin - Zhejiang Province,

Gates of Celestial Purity

The elite sort of Mo Li Mao Feng is one of the rarest kinds of jasmine tea produced in Zhejiang Province.  Raw tea contains only the youngest of buds with one or two barely opened leaves on them. The tea grows on high-mountain plantations at altitudes of 700-800 meters above sea level. In addition to traditional stages of processing, production includes tea leaf aromatization with large snow-white blossoms of jasmine. The aromatization stage consists of six cycles and is performed in order to ensure that the leaves soak up the fragrance of jasmine. After completion, jasmine is carefully removed from the tea. Gates of Celestial Purity has delicate tightly curled leaves looking like yellow-green strips and covered with silvery hairs. The transparent clear infusion possesses a mild but rather bold and persistent aroma with vivid tinges of floral and fruit, and a fresh taste, carrying notes of slight sweetness.


Sort of Tea: Mo Li Mao Feng

Origin: Zhejiang Province, China

Contents according to the Chinese classification: elite green tea, jasmine blossoms

Brewing method: pour 300 ml of water at 75-85˚С over 3 grams of tea leaves (2 teaspoons). The tea can be brewed multiple times subsequently.

Net weight: 125 gram