Jasmine white tea : Maiden’s Ring

Maiden’s Ring

Sort of Tea - Mo Li Nü Er Huan

Origin - Fujian Province

Maiden’s Ring
Maiden’s Ring

Processing of elite jasmine Mo Li Nü Er Huan is very labor-intensive. When freshly picked jasmine buds start to open up with a characteristic crackling, they get mixed with already dried tea leaves and buds. There are seven aromatization stages total. Following each one, jasmine is carefully removed from the tea. Then the tea flushes are gently hand-rolled by women using a thin bamboo stick and shaped into beautiful rings resembling earrings. The tobacco-green surface of the leaves is covered with snow white hairs. The clear golden-green infusion features a rich aroma with delicate floral notes, a thick pure flavor and a mild, slightly sweet aftertaste. During brewing the leaves gracefully open up looking like flowers of lotus.


Sort of Tea: Mo Li Nü Er Huan

Origin: Fujian Province, China

Content according to the Chinese classification: elite white tea, jasmine blossoms

Brewing method: pour 300 ml of water at 75-85˚C over 3 grams of tea. The tea can be brewed up to three times.

Net weight: 125 gram