Jasmine white tea : Phoenix Eye

Phoenix Eye

Sort of Tea - Mo Li Feng Yan

Origin - Fujian Province,
Phoenix Eye

Mo Li Feng Yan pertains to the elite group of Jasmine teas, for which China has long been celebrated. Production is extremely labor-intensive. Unopened white jasmine buds are picked very early in the morning and then kept in the cool till dusk. In the early evening when the tiny flowers begin to open with a characteristic light crackling, they are mixed with already dried tea leaves and buds. There are seven 4-hour stages of aromatization total. After each stage jasmine is carefully removed from the tea. The delicate hand-rolled leaves of Mo Li Feng Yan resemble an eye or a silkworm cocoon. On their glossy surface white hairs are clearly visible, going well with hues of rich brown and dark-green. The tea yields pale-green liquor. Thick fine aroma of jasmine perfectly complements fresh full-bodied taste of tea.


Sort of Tea: Mo Li Feng Yan

Origin: Fujian Province, China

Content according to the Chinese classification: elite white tea, jasmine blossoms

Brewing method: Pour 300 ml of water at 75-85 C over 3 grams of tea. The tea can be brewed up to three times.

Net weight: 75 gram