Milk oolong tea : Choice Milk Oolong

Choice Milk Oolong

Sort of Tea - Nai Xiang Jin Xuan

Origin - Taiwan,
Choice Milk Oolong
Choice Milk Oolong

Only the taut juicy buds with two unfolded leaves and containing a large amount of healthy nutrients are used to produce Nai Xiang Jin Xuan. The leaves and buds emit a natural fragrance of milk. During drying the milk extract of a vegetable origin gets injected into the tea, thanks to which the scent of the tea becomes even more rich and vivid. The glossy surface of robust, weighty, tightly curled leaves of Nai Xiang Jin Xuan is dark sandy-green. The clear golden-yellow infusion has a slightly sweet milky flavor and a thick aroma, which manifests itself in a combination of a fruity-floral note and a milk and cream dominant.


Sort of Tea: Nai Xiang Jin Xuan

Origin: Taiwan, China

Content according to the Chinese classification: elite oolong tea, milk extract of vegetable origin

Brewing method: Pour 300 ml of water at 95 C over 3 grams of tea. The tea can be brewed 4-5 times.

Net weight: 125 gram