Milk oolong tea : Milk Oolong of Imperial Court

Milk Oolong of Imperial Court

Sort of Tea - Nai Xiang Jin Xuan

Origin - Taiwan,
Milk Oolong of Imperial Court
Milk Oolong of Imperial Court

Nai Xiang Jin Xuan is one of the most famous flavored Taiwan Oolongs. The tea’s distinctive feature is its leaves possessing a light natural scent of milk. To intensify it, during processing, a milk extract of a vegetable origin is added to the raw leaves. The raw material for Milk Oolong includes taut juicy buds with two young leaves, collected on the high-mountain plantations of Isle Taiwan. The vegetable mass undergoes careful processing which requires special skill and experience. All technological procedures are performed according to a traditional manual method. When brewed, the robust glossy sandy-yellow leaves open up into a clear golden-yellow infusion with a rich creamy aroma and a mild slightly sweet flavor with light tinges of astringency.


Sort of Tea: Nai Xiang Jin Xuan

Origin: Taiwan, China

Content according to the Chinese classification: elite oolong tea, milk extract of vegetable origin

Brewing method: Pour 300 ml of water at 90-100 C over 3 grams of tea. The tea can be brewed multiple times.

Net weight: 125 gram