Red Tea with Rose Fragrance : Guifei Rose

Guifei Rose

Sort of Tea -  Dian Hong Mao Feng Hong Gan De Mei Gui Hua Lei

Origin -  Yunnan Province<
Guifei Rose
Guifei Rose

Guifei Rose is a unique combination of one of the best Chinese red large-leafed teas Dian Hong Mao Feng and delicate sun-dried rosebuds. This tea is produced in Yunnan Province, the homeland of the tea tree. Exceptionally favorable natural conditions in the areas of cultivation, careful picking and processing of the raw material ensure the tea’s superior quality. The dark surface of the robust fleshy leaves is completely covered with golden-yellow hairs. The brewed infusion combines a rich fragrance and a strong fresh flavor. The blossoms of the tea rose infuse the drink with a slightly sweet fruity flavor, softening its strong taste with freshness and lightness as well as making it exceptionally good for health. According to the legend, the renowned beauty Yang Guifei was able to preserve her outstanding good looks and fresh appearance just thanks to the rose blossoms.


Sort of Tea: Dian Hong Mao Feng Hong Gan De Mei Gui Hua Lei

Origin: Yunnan Province, China

Content according to the Chinese classification: elite red tea, rose blossoms

Brewing method: Pour 300 ml of water at 100 C over 3 grams of tea. The tea can be brewed 2-3 times.

Net weight: 125 gram